Jennifer Gibbs, PhD

Professor, Department of Communication
Editor, Communication Research
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4020

The Collaboratory for Organizing and Social Media (COSM) at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information is an interdisciplinary team of researchers investigating the use of social media and other new communication technologies in a variety of organizational contexts. Under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Gibbs, COSM’s research team partners with a variety of organizations to explore the implementation, adoption, and use of a wide array of technologies including social network sites, forums, blogs, wikis, enterprise social media and more. We study how these technologies enable processes of organizing and relationship formation in teams, communities, networks, and organizations and seek to provide insight into important social processes such as knowledge sharing, control, collaboration, innovation, conflict, social support and trust. COSM’s research team offers expertise in a range of methodologies and examines related phenomena at both macro (inter-organizational and global stakeholder perspectives) and micro (individual and team interactions) levels. Through the investigation of communication processes, motivations, and behaviors surrounding new technology use, COSM seeks to develop theory and research that is both provocative and practical. COSM is currently seeking opportunities to partner with organizations interested in implementing a social media research program.